Get Rates On Grand Canyon National Park Tours So Low They’re Spooky

Halloween will be here soon and in honor of the freaky holiday, I want to show you how to get savings so spooky on Grand Canyon tours that you’ll be yelling “trick or treat” at the top of you lungs! Don’t assume you will get a good rate on a Grand Canyon Tour by buying … Continue reading “Get Rates On Grand Canyon National Park Tours So Low They’re Spooky”

Halloween will be here soon and in honor of the freaky holiday, I want to show you how to get savings so spooky on Grand Canyon tours that you’ll be yelling “trick or treat” at the top of you lungs!

Don’t assume you will get a good rate on a Grand Canyon Tour by buying your tickets at tour time. It doesn’t work that way. In fact, it’s downright wrong. If you decide to buy your tickets at the gate, you will have to pay a lot more than your fellow passengers who know how to score discounted tickets.

What’s the deal?

Tour operators are a lot like airline companies. When you buy a ticket close to your travel date, you have to pay more. This is especially true if you book within 24 hours of take off. If you want to go completely crazy, buy a ticket the day of the tour.

There is no reason to go through all that. All you have to do is plan. Try to book your tour of the Grand Canyon at least one week before your tour date. Not only does this nearly guarantee you seat, but it also gives you access to the most departure times and regularly scheduled tours.

There are plenty of benefits to getting your tour seats ahead of time. Here are some other things to think about.

You want to buy your seats online. You might have some concerns about using your credit card online. That’s easy to understand. I used to be that way too. But the truth is, it is very easy and convenient to book your travel plans that way. The risk is low if you stick with legitimate travel sites.

Here’s the thing. I like to save money. It is probably important to you too. At any rate, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the Web is home to the best deals on National Park tours. There are plenty of other places to buy tickets such as your hotel or a kiosk on the Strip. Avoid those places because you have to pay more when you get your tickets at a kiosk or hotel.

Remember this important point. Always complete the transaction on the site. That is the only way to get the low Internet rate. When you do that, you will get a confirmation email with your order information. Allow up to 45 minutes for the email to hit your inbox, then print it out.

About Your Tour

Halloween savings abound on Grand Canyon tours, especially helicopter flights, airplane rides and bus tours. To reap your rewards, follow my advice regarding reservations and online bookings. You will love a fall tour of the canyon. Temperatures are nice and the overall weather is great. Thrill your little goblins with a Halloween experience they will remember for a lifetime.

How Can Skytyping Get Your Message to the Public

The sky itself has been a successful surface on which to advertise in unique ways. Two of these methods are banner ads and skywriting. A banner ad is a streamer or billboard that is pulled behind an airplane or helicopter over a mass of people. Skywriting contains no printed material but is a message written in smoke against the sky.

How does Skywriting work? A paraffin oil is injected into the exhaust of the airplane at controlled times, causing a white smoke to form. As the plane flies in various formations turning on the oil spray, letters of a message are formed. The letters are formed from 7000 to 17,000 feet up, and are at times a mile tall.

A unique form of skywriting is called, among other things, skytyping. Five or six planes fly in unison over the selected area. A computer on the lead plane decides when each plane is to make smoke and for how long. The result is a series of dashes in a straight line. When viewed from the ground, these dots or dashes of smoke together form parts of letters and eventually an entire word or sentence, much like the dots on a computer screen form a word or picture.

There are advantages and disadvantages to each technique. The advantages to skytyping are as follows: The message is made much quicker and thus can be longer. While it takes a plane 60 to 90 seconds to form one letter in skywriting, the letters are formed in a few seconds with skytyping. This means the entire message is still visible when it is finished. With skywriting, a long message will mean the first letters have drifted away by the time the message is finished.

Also skywriting requires extra skill to maneuver a plane to form letters. He is somewhat of an artist making the message uniform and attractive. On the other hand, the skytyping pilots only need to fly in a straight line. The computer decides when to make the white smoke that will form into letters.

Because skywriting only needs one or two planes, the cost is less than hiring a whole fleet of planes to make one message. Geico insurance has made the skytyping their name against the sky famous.

Both methods have things in common. First, the preparation is simple. No need for printing or color design is necessary. The skywriting pilot plans how to write his message backwards so the people below see it frontwards. The skytyping pilots simply enter the message in the computer and let it do the work. Second, the message in both cases is environmentally friendly. The paraffin smoke is harmless to nature.

Top 10 Amusement Parks of North American

Nowhere can you find so many family-friendly daredevil thrills than in the USA and Canada. Here are our 10 favorite amusement and water parks in North America.

Noahs Ark, Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

In the rolling farmlands north of Madison, the Dells is mostly a kitschy schlock of taffy and fudge houses and overpriced rides, but the Arks for real. There are half a hundred slides, a couple rivers to float, an island playzone for the whippersnappers, and a new haunted water ride called the Curse of the Crypt.

Sea World, San Diego

Watching Shamu the killer whale and dolphins leap and dive is the main draw particularly if youre in the close-up soak zone but Sea World is also home to several fun splashy water rides, a couple Sesame Street-themed rides for the littlest, and an indoor Arctic experience.

Six Flags Great Adventure, Jackson, New Jersey

Home to the tallest and fastest roller coaster in America, the Kingda Ka (it drops 418 ft), Six Flags serves the 20-plus million residents of the greater New York area, so brace for lines. If youre not into hardcore thrills, theres a Wild Safari zoo and a recently refurbished 15-storey Ferris wheel.

Universal Studios Hollywood, Los Angeles

Youre not likely to bump into J-Lo or Will Ferrell here, but this movie-based theme park in the heart of Hollywood has a mix of entertaining thrill rides (including The Simpsons, which debuted in 2008, and the 80-ft raft drop of Jurassic Park), plus the action-packed tram tours of the studio back lots youve seen Conan OBrien taking on The Tonight Show.

Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom, Orlando, Florida

Always bigger than its Californian big brother, the Magic Kingdom one of several Disney parks, including MGM Studios and Epcot is the Orlando original and remains the core of central Florida trips. The indoor coaster at Space Mountain, the preJohnny Depp Pirates of the Caribbean and the nightmarishly looped recording of Its a Small World are timeless. As is the progress of some lines. Be sure to pre-purchase tickets online to save at least one wait.

Staying Healthy Whereas Traveling


On this topic, I will be focusing on traveling by air.

The constant flyer, who tours totally different countries, across totally different time zones is long-faced with lots of stressors which can contribute to the degradation of the best health standing. An unobserved and unsuspected lenience on traveling across time zones may also result in affected psycho-social behavior due to the new places and environmental catalysts that are bombarded on the various senses of the body. Staying healthy whereas traveling could be a key issue wherein the individual ought to maintain a high state of wellness to forestall complications towards diseases after his/her trip.

Jet lag Blues

The most common impact of constant traveling across different time zones is that of jet lag. Jet lag is outlined as the feeling of a person getting similar symptoms like extreme tiredness, lack of sleep, and general moodiness caused by a tired mind. The new environment and therefore, the new culture, furthermore because the new body clock system could distort the traditional time for rest of an individual. This is able to cause consistent stress on the body functions, ensuing to an inefficient output of energy by the various organs that are dependent on round the clock settings.

Jet lag is usually completely established some days at max by an individual, till such time, that internal equilibrium is achieved by manually adjusting sleep and dietary patterns with the new place.

Dehydration is one in all the most offender

Another reason that causes discomfort on an individual such as headaches and nausea is caused by fluid deficiency during the flight. Though the person has not done any strenuous work within the plane, just the period of the flight is enough to rob the human body of enough water and fluids to keep up enough hydration. what is more, the various pressure changes happening to the interior cabin additionally have an effect on the body functions and metabolic speeds, and so the consumption of fluids within the body.

It is advisable to drink perpetually throughout the flight with clear water to stay the body hydrous and supplied. As dehydration sets in, the flow of blood is slowed down. This blood is important to hold oxygen to the various components of the body, particularly to the brain. a scarcity of oxygen provide would result thus in an additional irritable temperament, and additionally asleep-feeling attributable to the shortage of oxygen and increase of carbon dioxide instead.

Sleep, Sleep, And Sleep

One of the foremost effective ways in which to combat the results of traveling like jet lag and disorientation is to sleep well before the flight, throughout the flight, and after the flight. it’s additionally advisable to order this sleeping habit and begin with the work itinerary on the succeeding days. During this manner, the traveler is not subjected to stressors which will add up to the adjustment amount and disorientation of the self due to the new atmosphere.

Facts About Sakkara Necropolis in Giza, Egypt

The site of Saqqara is the central portion of the Memphis necropolis which stretches for more than 30 kilometers. The moment your van will turn onto the road that led to Sakkara, you will feel as traveling back in time.

At Saqqara, the oldest complete stone building complex in history was built: Djoser’s step pyramid, which is not as impressive as the ones at Giza, but it is much older And partially covered to ongoing renovations. It was built for King Djoser of the 3rd Dynasty by the architect and genius Imhotep and high officials added private funeral monuments to this necropolis.

The Step pyramid is an archaeological remain in the Saqqara necropolis. The Step Pyramid was built for the 2nd king of Egypt’s 3rd Dynasty, Kind Djoser, and is considered to be the foundation on which all later pyramids were based upon. The pyramid was built by a genius architect of the time who based the theory of the pyramid on the more traditional ancient Egyptian funerary chamber the “mastaba”.

This first Egyptian pyramid consisted of six mastabas (of decreasing size) built atop one another in what were clearly revisions and developments of the original plan. The Step pyramid complex is comprised of a series of sections creating the complex, much like later pyramids.

It also contains offering rooms and most of the other features that were often found in both earlier and later tombs. The Mortuary Temple is just north of the pyramid and is in total ruin. On the southern wall back across the Great Court from the pyramid are carved cobra heads or uraei. The cobra head is an often seen as a symbol in Egypt. It was once a symbol of the north. The Southern Tomb is located just outside of the southern wall. Steps lead up the wall to the other tombs and monuments outside the walls.

Traveling to Saqqara is popular from Sinai and Red Sea resorts , you may go individual or booking any of the group tours from your hotel if you stay in Cairo, Luxor or Aswan or from the resort if you are staying near the Red Sea or the Sinai Peninsula.

Best Places to Ride Your Bike

Riding a bicycle can be an enjoyable experience for many. Cycling with friends or family is a great way to socialise, get fit and explore your surroundings. A lot of people these days choose riding bikes for commuting to work and back or to get fit, but it is also a great hobby which can be enjoyed by almost anyone.

There are many great places across the country and around the world which can be enjoyed with a bike ride. Being a cyclist means you can travel along famous bike trails and paths and discover new places along the way. Here you will find a guide on some of the very best places to cycle around Britain.

First we will start with the Forest of Dean cycleway. This is a twelve mile route that will lead you through a former railway line. Along the path you will find old train stations, forests, sculpture trails and many more sights which have to be seen to be appreciated.

Next on the list of places to cycle is the Ramsgate to Deal route. Starting at the Ramsgate marina you will then be taken on an adventure through to the Deal castle with a path that is approximately thirteen miles in length. Following a coastal and scenic route, you will find a medieval town and a famous golf course.

Another great course to take is the Marlborough to Coate Water Country Park. With an eight mile journey this is a great route for beginners to take. This disused railway line is fantastic for kids and families. Great views can be seen along the way and it is also great for bird watchers.

The five castles cycle route is not one to be missed out if you are an avid cyclist. Starting at Abergavenny Castle you will then ride a thirty two mile path that leads to the four Norman castles. Superb views of the black mountains can also be seen along the cycle path.

Number five on our top places to cycle is the Lochs and Glens of Carlisle and Inverness. Traffic free paths, back roads, moors and mountains are all covered on this route. This is one of the best ways to see the beautiful surroundings of Scotland and doing so while riding bikes is makes it even more of an adventure.

For more great cycle paths, routes and trails make sure to check out our next articles on the best place places to ride your bike part 2.

How To Make The Most Of Your Vacation

You dont want to go on a trip to relax and enjoy yourself only for you to get so bored that you cant wait to get back home. Your vacation may end with you not having achieved what you intended or things may completely not go your way. Here are a few tips that will help you be able to make the most out of your vacation.

Know what kind of vacation works for you

Why go to the wild if you have a phobia of wild animals or to the mountains if you get health complications when exposed to cold weathers? The first step to enjoy your vacation is to learn what works for you.

Plan in advance

Planning for your trip is very important. You should know how much money you will be comfortable spending, what kind of climate you want to spend your holiday in, the specific luxury hotel that meets your needs, the type of activities youre planning on doing, where to purchase a travel insurance etc. Failure to plan may really mess you up. You may end up staying in a hotel that completely displeased you or in a location that you are completely uncomfortable in. So be wise and take time to plan.

Make your bookings in Advance

You dont want to postpone your recess just because you couldt get a plane or a bus at the time you wanted or get the hotel of your choice. If possible make all your payments from your mode of transport, food, accommodation etc, in advance to avoid delays or disappointment.

Keep away from things that stress you

Holidays are meant to detox you from stress and this will only be possible if you keep away from things and people that pressure you. No matter how costly your tour destination is, you will not enjoy it neither get the relaxation you need if you choose to hold on to things that pressure you.

Do your research

Do not go to places you know completely nothing about. Before visiting a place make sure you know the type of climate to expect, the activities you can do while there, how safe is the place etc. For example you dont want to find yourself in a sunny remote place in the wild yet you didnt carry sunscreen with you. You may end up being forced to stay indoors and have a hot boring holiday.

These are just but a few major factors that you should put into consideration when planning to take some time off to your preferred destination. Your ignorance and attitude are the only things that may turn your long awaited fun vacation to a boring one. Play your role well when preparing to go on a trip and if things dont turn out as expected, try make the best out of it.

Barcelona Hen Weekend Ideas

If you are heading to Barcelona for a hen weekend, there are plenty of things to do in the city. Below a look at some of the best options for hen groups in Barcelona, Spain.

1. Pampering: Many ladies love the idea of being pampered and Barcelona has come up with some popular pampering options. You can not only relax but also beautify yourself with full-body massages, spa and relaxation packages before heading out for the evening. Other services include organic facials, eyelash tints, bridal packages and make up sessions. The pampering packages are perfect for the daytime or early evening with many groups wanting to head to a restaurant or bar in the late evening.

2. Cocktail mixing: Another fun and exciting idea for a girly night out can be cocktail mixing. Try your hand at mixing mojitos and cosmopolitans and master the art of cocktail mixing. On your learning trail you will be briefed by a mixologist and then you can test and compete amongst yourselves to make the best cocktail and be in the spotlight. This can be a lot of fun and a quite relaxing hen event.

3. Male strip show: No hen weekend would be complete without a male stripper. You can have an entertaining night by hiring some of the hottest strippers in the town of Barcelona along with the most incredible food and champagne. Many of the main events companies in Barcelona can aid you in booking and organizing a stripper.

4. Spanish salsa: Get your dancing shoes out with learning the Spanish tradition of salsa. What better idea to spend your hen weekend than to enjoy the great Spanish art. Learn some of the most artistic dance moves and let your body and soul groove to the rhythm of Latin music for you to set the dance floor on fire.

5. Beach day: Barcelona is an ideal place for sunbathing and relaxing by the waterfront. You can relax and enjoy some sun-bathing and swimming along with some of the exciting water sport activities on the local beaches. There are several activities for you to enjoy from banana boat ride, kayaking, water skiing, Jet skiing, parasailing to sun loungers.